Brothers, Advisors, and Volunteers –

Over the past month, we have learned about COVID-19 and the impact it is having within our communities. On behalf of our National Council, and the National Headquarters staff, please know that Alpha Chi Rho is committed to supporting each of our members and Chapters during this time.

It is imperative that all Chapters / Colonies first follow their host Institution’s protocols, policies and procedures. Below you will find additional Chapter recommendations on operations and functions.

Please stay up to date by visiting the CDC website, and using the resources on their website. You can also visit the AMA’s website for daily updates and more resources:

For our members that are students, the U.S. Department of Education has published a web-page which has multiple resources regarding the CARES Act and other assistance.

For those that are looking to see what relief is available, please visit

As always, if you have any questions, please contact the National Headquarters at 732-869-1895 or via email at



We hope that this message finds you and your families well.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the InDeed Institute from June 4 – 7, 2020 has been cancelled. Chapters that have registered will be reimbursed their registration fee and all Chapters will be marked as attended.

In the upcoming months, the Fraternity will be providing online education similar to InDeed and networking opportunities for Chapter officers and Chairs. Be on the look-out for these emails after your final exams have wrapped up.

The Fraternity wishes you the best of luck on your finals and that you have a safe summer.

Best Regards,

SCOTT CARLSON                                    DAVID JOST
Executive Director / CEO                       National President
Building Corporation and Graduate Chapter Officers,

For the past seven years, our insurance broker, Holmes Murphy has partnered with ServiceMaster Recovery Management to afford our FPMA clients with direct access to a reputable emergency remediation company.  ServiceMaster employees have been on the front lines of this pandemic since its onset, literally working around the clock to deliver essential cleaning and disinfecting services. They have been and will continue to stand at the ready to serve and do their part in combating this virus.

Working with experts in the field, they have developed several educational materials to help clients cope with the pandemic. This information is constantly updated and can be accessed by visiting the ServiceMaster web page dedicated to the crisis:

Holmes Murphy has also developed coronavirus resources to assist our clients. You can find them here:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can provide assistance to you.

Thank you to all Brothers who have helped keep the Fraternity and the resident Chapters operating during this time.

The Fraternity staff and Council is available to assist members through this time. The staff has some updates regarding some Chapter Operations.

Online Meetings

Utilize whatever resources would work best for your Chapter. Look into Zoom, FaceTime, Hangouts, FreeConferenceCall, and Skype. The National office has multiple resources available for Chapters to use.

Financial Planning 

Members should still pay their local dues as previously scheduled, as these funds will pay for programmming that has already taken place or events that will be rescheduled.

Members should still pay their National dues as previously scheduled. Work through payment plans and debt owed to the Fraternity.

Set up a time to discuss the budget for the upcoming academic year with Nicolas Hewgley. Just a reminder, these are required!

Event Planning

  1. Reassess and reallocate your funds (excess in savings, pay off debt, plan for next academic year)
  2. Meet virtually with committees and officers to create a goal for the rest of the semester
  3. Utilize Zoom or online voting to make sure the entire Chapter has a voice and knows what is happening
  4. Market and utilize social media, email other members of your FSL community, discussions with other Chapter leaders, etc.

Continuing to Operate

Inter-fraternalism and Brotherhood

  • Zoom call with other Chapter presidents
  • Hosting a Kahoot Greek 101 activity
  • Group video game session or “Jackbox”
  • Family breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • Netflix Party (the app)
  • Pen-palling with other AXP Chapters *or* other FSL members on your campus
  • Group workouts/meditation/yoga
  • Live bingo; winner gets a virtual gift card

Philanthropy and Service

  • Have a private Zoom event for those who send money to participate
    • Examples: Bob Ross paining tutorial, Cake decorating competition, Trivia, Open Mic
  • Virtual reading of children’s books for students
  • Fundraising for organizations in need
  • Bingo Boards for a Cause

Education and Ritual

  • Set up study hours through the app “StudyTable”
  • Checking in with grades and individual awards
  • Complete online workshops through “CultivatingU”
  • Virtual recruitment training / ChapterBuilder training
  • Creating a poll for weekly topics to be discussed
  • Taking time out of the month to practice ceremonies

Alpha Chi Rho headquarters is adjusting to a remote-work model beginning Monday, March 16 to practice social distancing and empower staff to be flexible in their needs to assist family and friends at this time. All staff is available and ready to serve you. Staff may be reached via phone at 732-869-1895 or individual email, available on the Council and Staff page at

All Chapter presidents, vice presidents, treasurers, and new member educators have been contacted by the National staff to discuss the Chapter’s operations for the rest of the semester. If you did not receive this email, please contact Nicolás R. Hewgley at the National office.

All staff and volunteer travel is suspended until April 15, 2020. At that time we will reassess. Crow Coaches will be available for virtual meetings  if requested.

Effects to Chapter Operations for Fall 2020

Chapter Support

Please take advantage of the remote coaching services offered by our office. Your Chapter Advisors, Crow Coach, and the National Staff are able to host video and phone meetings with your Chapter officers and advisors throughout the week. Please reach out to your Crow Coach or the National Staff to schedule a meeting today (if you are not already meeting regularly).

Chapter Meetings

Follow the recommendations made by your educational institution on regular gatherings for all registered student organizations.

If your school recommends canceling all in-person meetings/gatherings, please reach out to our office to discuss running remote meetings or gaining access to our remote video conference software.

Alumni and Volunteers

Engage with your Chapter executive board to see what plans they have in place for the remainder of the semester. For example, could any Brotherhood, New Member Education, or Service events need to be rescheduled due to the impact of COVID-19?

Identify any questions, concerns or resources they have and let Headquarters know how we can help at this time.


If you maintain housing, contact your local institution to learn about policies and procedures that might affect access, resources, and support.

Begin to develop a plan, should the institution move to online learning, to ensure your living space and Chapter members are safe, secure, and adequately accommodated.

In the case that an individual within one of your housing facilities is feeling ill and/or is diagnosed with COVID-19, follow the recommendations made by your educational institution immediately for next steps.

We ask that all Alumni Corporation Board officers communicate with the host institution to learn more about any precautionary measures or steps that should be taken.

If a member feels they have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 or have symptoms, they need to go to the hospital immediately for testing.

Should the member test positive for COVID-19, the CDC and the local health department will conduct contact tracing which will lead back to the fraternity facility (if applicable).

It will be under the control of the CDC and the local health department to determine the next steps.

Individuals should not be quarantined in a fraternity facility, nor would it be allowed if there was a known case of COVID-19. Should COVID-19 be present in any facility, the facility needs to be properly decontaminated prior to approved reentry. For information on certified decontamination specialists, please consult the Global Biorisk Advisory Council at


Please submit your Postulant Reporting Worksheet and remit their Postulant Fees so we can ensure new members have access to member emails such as the memo you are reading today.

If you have not yet completed and/or are looking to conduct a second round of recruitment this semester, please make sure you are coordinating with your Fraternity and Sorority Life Advisor and taking all precautionary measures for events.

New Member Education / Initiation

All Chapters must have their education programs approved by the National office prior to beginning.

If your institution moves to online learning for the remainder of the semester, please notify the National Staff so we can adjust expectations accordingly.

Reminder, Alpha Chi Rho has created a four and six week new member education program that you can use to easily guide your process. Please contact Nicolas R. Hewgley at the National Office (732-869-1895 / to discuss modifying your new member education program.

We are asking all Chapters to revisit their new member plan and have all Initiations completed as soon as safely possible.

Financial / Collection Plans

Chapters will still be obligated to make any outstanding payments, such as Chapter Assessment, Per-Capita Fee and Liability Insurance, to the National Office as the semester/annual charges are past due. University closures will not serve as a valid excuse for delinquency or unpaid dues. We will, of course, work with each Chapter to facilitate this.

If the term is cut short, the National Office can help you and your Chapter reallocate funds and/or maximize the budget so that Brothers still get the most out of their experience. You may need to adjust accordingly, but Brothers should still pay their dues and any money not used should be held until activity resumes. National Staff can help you develop a program to maintain operations while remaining flexible based on changing circumstances.

Social Functions

The health and safety of all members and students is our top priority. Many campuses are discouraging on and off-campus events. Therefore, all social functions are cancelled until your host institution deems they are safe to occur, regardless if they are happening at an off-campus location.

All Formals/Date Parties/Crush Parties/etc. for the spring semester are cancelled. The National Office will work with you in facilitating conversations with third-party vendors.

Brotherhood / Service Events

Please follow the recommendations made by your educational institution on Fraternal / Brotherhood events, philanthropic events, fundraising events, and gatherings for all registered student organizations.

If your school recommends canceling all formal meetings/gatherings, please reach out to Headquarters to discuss access to our remote video conference software.