Get Involved in Alpha Chi Rho

You may ask, what is it like to work or volunteer with Alpha Chi Rho Headquarters? Honestly, it’s a lot like working with your friends, your fraternity Brothers or your sorority sisters. Though not everyone on our staff or in our volunteer positions are members of Alpha Chi Rho, we all share a common love for the Fraternity and for Greek Life as a whole. We work with a purpose, each and every day, to improve Alpha Chi Rho through the vision of the organization: to “Cultivate Men of Word and Deed.”

Our staff and volunteers strive to accomplish massive projects as a team in a healthy, professional, and challenging environment that benefits the growth of each person. We are continually seeking individuals who will embrace our purpose with enthusiasm and determination through volunteering or through a staff position.

If you believe that you have what it takes to join our team, please look at the opportunities below. If you are interested in volunteering in any way, please complete the application form.

Chapter Advisory Board Positions

Recruitment and Financial Growth Coach (Crow Coach)

The Crow Coach helps the Chapter’s recruitment chair, committee, and general Chapter adopt and execute a year-round Dynamic Recruitment system. This Coach would be trained on Dynamic Recruiting and how to coach our members through implementing the system. Additionally, the Coach would work with the treasurer and financial committee to have the Chapter using proper budgeting and dues collections methods.

Risk Management Advisor

The Risk Management Advisor helps the Chapter follow all Alpha Chi Rho policies and improve the safety of their guests at all social functions. This Advisor would work with the Chapter’s president and risk management officer to discuss the Chapter’s current social policies and practices and how to improve them.

New Member Education Advisor

The New Member Education Advisor helps the Chapter develop and continue a Postulancy (New Member Education) program that follows all Alpha Chi Rho policies and has an emphasis on member development after Initiation. The Advisor would work closely with the New Member Educator (Postulant educator/leader) and the Ritual officer.

Ritual Advisor

The Ritual Advisor works closely with the Ritual officer and chaplain to ensure that the Chapter is practicing the Ritual of Alpha Chi Rho correctly.

National Fraternity and Educational Foundation Committees

Events and Outreach Committee

The Events and Outreach Committee identifies priority areas for outreach and Chapter-specific event opportunities, geographic identity of individuals to help plan and grow metropolitan events, works with Trustees to host events, and plans and supervises the Foundation’s multi-media communication and public relations programs. It identifies outstanding graduate Brothers to be honored for their accomplishments. It supervises progress towards achievement of the goals in the area of its responsibility, plans the Foundation’s events, and supervises their execution.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee develops the annual budget proposal for consideration by the Board, and reviews implementation of the budget, financial statements, and investments.

Fund Development Committee

The Fund Development Committee works with staff to develop appeal plans, provide “assignments” and follow up with Trustees regarding the Legacy Campaign, the Brotherhood Fund, and Planned Giving initiatives, ensure greater outreach, and grow the donor roster. It supervises the education of Trustees in the areas of fund-raising and gift-giving. It supervises progress towards achieving the goals in the area of Fundraising.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee oversees the education of new Trustees on their duties and responsibilities as members of the Board. It reviews the duties of the Executive Director and the Director of Development and carries out their annual evaluations. It serves as the Foundation’s nominating committee and identifies potential Board and Committee members. It supervises progress towards the goals in the areas of its responsibilities.

Programs and Services Committee

The Programs and Services Committee selects scholarship winners and oversees loans, and supervises the educational area grant programs and the chapter-specific scholarship programs. It supervises progress towards achievement of the goals in the area of its responsibilities.

Online Presence Committee

This committee needs individuals to help develop content for the website, social media, and marketing materials as well as webmasters to develop and update pages when necessary.

National Fraternity TaskForces

Archival Taskforce

The Archival Taskforce works with the National Councillors and Staff to preserve and analyze the National Archives at the National Office. This Taskforce is also charged with upkeep of the National Headquarters’ display cases and pennant collection.

Community Service Taskforce

The Community Service Taskforce is in charge of working with the National Philanthropic partners and disseminating information to our resident and graduate Chapters so that they can hold effective events or fundraising campaigns.

Volunteer Interest Form

List any of your past Fraternity leadership experience
What volunteer areas interest you? (Check all that apply)
CHAPTER ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERCrow CoachRisk ManagementNew Member/Postulant EducationRitual EducationEvents/OutreachFinancialScholarshipOnline PresenceGovernanceAlumni EngagementArchivalCommunity ServiceOther
List any skills or outside experience you may have that could be helpful in these areas of interest
How much time are you able to commit per month for a volunteer role with the Fraternity for the next year? (Check all that apply)
One Year Term: 2-4 hours/month (National committee)One Year Term: 2-4 hours/week (Chapter advisory board member)Short Term: 4-6 weeks for 2-4 hours/week (Resource development task force)Short Term: 1-3 days only (educational speaker; Brotherhood interviewer; conclave/institute facilitator; risk management investigation team)
What areas within undergraduate Chapters need improvement?
What areas does the National Fraternity need to improve on?