Policy on Chapter Activities During the Pandemic

An Address from President Jost
August 21, 2020
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September 3, 2020

Resident and Graduate Brothers,

On August 31, the National Council passed a Policy on Chapter Activities During the Pandemic. The Fraternity’s intention is to keep all members safe and this policy will be followed to ensure that all members stay healthy. The policy is below.


Effective immediately, the National Fraternity of Alpha Chi Rho requires that Chapters hosting chapter activities, (meetings comprised solely of members, and social activities), undertake the following measures during such activities:

  • Members are to wear protective facemasks and maintain physical distancing of at least 6’;
  • All relevant CDC, state, municipal, and institution regulations and guidelines are also to be followed.

Chapters are to immediately suspend any chapter activities that do not follow all relevant CDC, state, municipal, institution, and Fraternity regulations.

Chapter activities are defined as any gathering of members, or members and non-members, that do not live in the same chapter house, dorm room, house, or apartment.

The Fraternity strongly encourages chapters to host all Chapter activities outside or virtually, though understands that this may not be practical in all circumstances.

Penalties for non-observance of the above may include suspension or expulsion of the individuals concerned, or revocation of the charter, as determined by the National Council, and ratified by the National Convention, as applicable.”

As National president of Alpha Chi Rho, I am imploring you to observe all the social distancing  guidelines and rules established by your Institution, municipal government and state government. Wear a mask, at all times, especially when outside and you can’t control how you will come in contact with others. Wash your hands – frequently. All the other rules we have been  living with these past five months.

DO NOT allow anyone other than your own Brothers into your house. I don’t know what rules the Institution has for dormitory inhabitants, but I ask you to follow them to the letter. My concern – and I speak for our staff and our National Council – is your safety and your well-being. Please do not think that you are immune to COVID -19 or that you can get away with a large gathering “just this once”. News reports are saying that local law enforcement is becoming more vigilant in dealing with those who flaunt the rules. DO NOT become the lead story on your local news. I want you to be healthy and remain healthy. Be safe and be sensible in how you gather as a Brotherhood.

Each of you is a valuable part of our Fraternity and each of you is treasured for the gifts you bring to your Chapter and to our National Fraternity. Together, we can show our fellow students and the greater Institution – if not our country – what it is to “Be Men” in the midst of a pandemic.

In the Bond,
Dr. David Jost, AXP National President
Eta Phi ’75

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