Phi Lambda and Phi Zeta Chi Chapters Participate in Annual Philanthropic Events

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January 25, 2024
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February 29, 2024

During the month of February, the Phi Lambda and Phi Zeta Chi Chapters participated and hosted their annual philanthropic events. The Phi Lambda Chapter located at Penn. State University participated in the University’s annual THON event while the Phi Zeta Chi Chapter at SUNY Geneseo hosted their annual “Deep Freeze” event.

Alpha Chi Rho’s THON Dancers – Brothers Aidan and Keith

THON at Penn. State is one of the best annual philanthropic traditions in State College. The event’s proceeds enhance the lives of children and families impacted by childhood cancer. This year, the Chapter raised $8,621, which is sixty percent more than what the Chapter raised last year. The Chapter had two “dancers” this year, which are individuals that dance on the floor for the entire event representing each organization.

One of the dancers, Brother Keith Collier, said, “THON 2024 was an incredible experience. Dancing in THON is a once-in-lifetime event and I am so grateful that I was chosen to represent Alpha Chi Rho. Last year I got to watch with all our Brothers from the stands, but being on the floor was a completely different world. Hearing the tragic stories told by families from down on the floor gives everything a brand new perspective. Being among hundreds of other dancers supporting the same cause kept our energy high throughout all hours. Seeing our Brothers raising the letters high in the crowd kept Aidan and I feeling great even through hour forty-six.”

Brother Aidan Friedman, the other dancer, said, “Dancing in THON was something that I’ve wanted to do since I came here as a freshman. Now as a senior, it is a dream come true to get the opportunity to represent Alpha Chi Rho in a way that shows the best of Greek life at Penn State. Childhood cancer is a huge problem and being able to take a stand against it for the full forty-six hours last weekend was nothing short of emotional and beautiful. As I approach graduation, I hope that Penn State keeps promoting THON as we get closer to a cure.” Both dancers and all of the Brothers that attended enjoyed the event and can’t wait for next year!

Signage for the AXP Deep Freeze

Meanwhile, in Geneseo, New York, the Brothers of Phi Zeta Chi held their annual “Deep Freeze” event from January 29 to February 2. Chapter president Jack McNerney said, “Deep Freeze is something that our Chapter has been known for around campus for over fifteen years. Every year, professors approach us and show us pictures they took ten-plus years ago of the Crows standing outside all week with their tent. Some applaud us for keeping up the tradition, but most of them make fun of us for not still sleeping in it every night like they used to.”

Brothers participating in the “Pie-A-Brother” event

This year the Chapter supported the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and raised $1,300! The Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center is located in Buffalo, NY and is committed to finding a cure for all forms of cancer. Vice President Layden Ochs explained, “[Roswell Park Cancer Institute is] well known around Western New York and many of our Brothers have close connections to the amazing work Roswell provides! The daily events were a great success as well! On Monday, for the first time in several years, we painted the famous “painted tree” on campus. Wednesday, with help from the Geneseo Yoga Club, we hosted our annual yoga night with Sigma Kappa. Thursday was the ever popular Pie-A-Crow. Students and staff wait all week for a chance to throw a shaving cream filled pie at the Brothers. We’d like to thank all of SUNY Geneseo for their support!”


  1. Eric Whorral says:

    Way to go Crows !!

    Eric Whorral. Phi Lambda 1962

  2. Ted Mowatt '83 Phi Lambda says:

    Congrats to my fellow Phi Lambda brothers, and to all Crows who participate in these philanthropic events. I was involved in THON as a member of IFC, and our own Haunted Crow House event during my undergrad days, and can attest that the rewards for giving back far outweigh the effort put in. In this current environment, where there is so much negativity toward the Greek community, these events show the positive side of Greek life to the outside world. Good on you all for keeping up the Tradition!

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