Constitutional Adjustment Task Force Final Report and Next Steps

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October 12, 2020
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Constitutional Adjustment Task Force Final Report and Next Steps


November 19, 2020

Neptune, New Jersey


In June, the National Council of Alpha Chi Rho received a request co-signed by more than 150 Brothers requesting a change to our Fraternity’s Constitution which would change the Fourth Landmark. A Task Force was commissioned to review the request and provide recommendations. The Task Force has completed its work and forwarded a recommendation to the Council and the entire Fraternity.

The report recommends that the Fourth Landmark of Alpha Chi Rho be amended to read:

Judgment not by externals, but by intrinsic worth; no one is denied membership in Alpha Chi Rho because of race, creed, nationality, or sexual orientation.

The National Council has accepted the report and will immediately begin the amendment process. The report is available for Brothers to read upon request. Please contact the National Office to receive it.

The resolution will be distributed to all resident and graduate Chapters in advance of the National Convention. The Chapters will discuss and ratify the resolution by majority vote in each Chapter. To be on the Convention agenda, ¾ of all Chapters must have ratifying votes in approval. The National Convention will then ratify the resolution by a ¾ vote.

The National Council and Task Force recognize that the ability for the Chapters to meet in person during COVID to conduct the necessary Ritual ratification may cause logistical issues. National President Jost has issued a dispensation from the use of the Ritual for purposes of the ratification vote. If a Chapter is unable to meet under Ritual to ratify the vote, please contact the National Office for use of the dispensation.

The National Council thanks the Task Force for their service and discussion and to the Fraternity-at-large for its patience as the Task Force responded to this request.

Alpha Chi Rho cultivates a lifelong brotherhood where men challenge and inspire each other, through Character, Honor, and Integrity to improve themselves, their Fraternity, and society.



After a third-party confirmation of the Chapter votes on March 6, 2021, the proposed amendment will be on the agenda at the 106th National Convention. All Resident and Graduate Chapters must attend the Convention to cast a vote. Registration for the 106th National Convention will open in March.

Updated on March 1, 2021

College / University Chapter Name Vote Received
Trinity College Phi Psi No
University of Pennsylvania Phi Phi Yes
Syracuse University Phi Epsilon Yes
Purdue University Alpha Phi Yes
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Delta Phi Yes
Clarkson University Zeta Phi Yes
Gettysburg College Eta Phi Yes
Robert Morris University Pi Phi Yes
LaSalle University Omega Phi Yes
Radford University Phi Beta Chi Yes
The College of New Jersey Phi Gamma Chi Yes
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Delta Sigma Phi Yes
SUNY / Geneseo Phi Zeta Chi No
Richard Stockton College of NJ Phi Eta Chi Yes
Lock Haven University Phi Mu Chi Yes
West Chester University Phi Nu Chi Yes
University of Massachusetts Phi Rho Chi Yes
Kutztown University Phi Sigma Tau Yes
New York Institute of Technology Eta Chi Phi Yes
Montclair State University Theta Chi Phi Yes
Rowan College of New Jersey Iota Chi Phi Yes
Drexel University Lambda Chi Phi Yes
SUNY / Albany Mu Chi Phi No
Philadelphia University Alpha Phi Alpha Yes
University of Cincinnati Alpha Phi Beta Yes
Pace University Alpha Phi Gamma Yes
Seton Hall University Alpha Phi Zeta Yes
Rutgers University – Camden Alpha Phi Eta Yes
Miami University of Ohio Alpha Phi Theta Yes

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