Announcement of Constitutional Adjustment Task Force

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August 13, 2020
An Address from President Jost
August 21, 2020


Announcement of Constitutional Adjustment Task Force


August 14, 2020
Neptune, New Jersey


Alpha Chi Rho National president David Jost, in response to a request from numerous Brothers, has commissioned a Task Force to look into a requested Constitutional adjustment to our Fourth Landmark.

Brother Michael Nicholas, Esq., (Omega Phi, La Salle University, 2007) will serve as the Chairman of this Task Force. Brother Nicholas served our Fraternity for several years as our National Risk Management Officer. Working with him will be Brother Stephen Marchion (Phi Mu Chi, Lock Haven University, 2000), past National president Brother Richard “Rick” Sinding (Beta Phi, Rutgers University, 1967), past National treasurer Brother Michael Henry (Delta Sigma Phi, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1992), Brother David Hotz (Phi Kappa Beta, James Madison University, 1988), current Council member and National Ritual officer Brother F. Scott Mercaldo (Lambda Chi Phi, Drexel University, 1997), Resident Councillor Brother Colton Lonberger (Alpha Phi Theta, Miami University, 2022) and Resident Councillor Brother Tyler White (Lambda Chi Phi, Drexel University, 2022).

The task at hand is to respond to a request to add the words “or sexual orientation” to the end of the Fraternity’s Fourth Landmark. The last time there was a change made to the Landmarks was in the late 1960s, so this request is not something that is taken lightly by anyone on the National Council. In order to help determine the future direction of the Fraternity’s Brotherhood, the Task Force and National Council want to give it the consideration it well deserves.

This task force will respond to National president Jost and he, in turn, will share the findings with the entire Fraternity. This process will occur each time the task force makes a report, not just at the final report. The hope is that there will be a report with recommendations ready to present to the Convention in 2021.

Thank you for your patience as the National Council and Task Force responds to this request. Please keep the members of this Task Force in your best thoughts as they deal with the task assigned to them. Thank you.


  1. Sean Friedland-Phi Kappa Chi 05 says:

    I am in favor of a blanket Non-discrimination policy, Race, Creed, Religion, sexual orientation. What I am concerned about is the new obstacle many face with gender indentification. We need to be clear in our Membership Standards what constitutes an eligible member, not what excludes one.

    We need to not have a Scopes monkey trial at a cost no organization can afford in today’s judicial system. We also need to be broad in most definitions to not jeopardize our relationship with Schools and their membership criteria.

    Do we have a recent (since 2010) history of denying membership for someones Sexual orientation? I hope to be kept apprised of the ongoing conversations and feel strongly that these conversations only strengthen the organizations future.

    Having spent half my career with the Boy Scouts of America, i know all too well what it means to be reactive and not proactive in this conversation. I support the Fraternity either way and commend the leadership in responding swiftly to determine the best course of action.

  2. Michael Wampler says:

    Hi – I am curious to know if there are any gay/bi/queer brothers participating in this task force, and if that was a consideration in the selection process. Thanks! -Michael Wampler, Phi Gamma Chi

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