Alpha Chi Rhoad Show: Episode 3 – 2020 Scholarship Winners Spotlight

Nicholas Ramos Hired as Leadership / Expansion Consultant
August 3, 2020
Anthony Massa Hired as Intern
August 13, 2020

Episode 3: 2020 Scholarship Winners Spotlight

Michael Chiulli (Phi Zeta Chi, SUNY Geneseo, 1988)

National Scholarship Officer

Recorded August 4, 2020

Description: “Meet our best and brightest scholars who will discuss their academic and career pursuits and how your donations have made an impact on them:

Graduate Scholarship Recipients

Landon S. Allen, (Phi Mu Chi), Lock Haven University 2017 – Donald F. Jones Scholarship

Justin Burdge, (Phi Phi), University of Pennsylvania 2019 – Stanley G. Bedford Scholarship

Christopher W. Clark, (Phi Rho Chi), UMass Amherst 2020 – F. Prescott Hammond Scholarship 

Christopher R. McNeil, (Alpha Phi Zeta), Seton Hall University 2019 – Curly Walden Scholarship


Undergraduate Scholarship Recipients

Christopher Bustamante, (Eta Chi Phi), NYIT 2021 – Colin Rochester Memorial Scholarship

Manush Kathrotia, (Alpha Phi Eta), Rutgers – Camden 2020 – John C. Enk Scholarship

Maximilian Leo, (Phi Sigma Tau), Kutztown University 2021 – Donald F. Jones Scholarship

Andrew Liu, (Phi Phi), University of Pennsylvania 2022 – Paul K. Addams Scholarship

Mike H. Orth, (Phi Gamma Chi), The College of New Jersey 2021 – Richard V. Olson Scholarship

Cristopher Prieto, (Alpha Phi Eta), Rutgers – Camden 2021 – James McFadden Scholarship

Abhijeet S. Toor, (Phi Xi Chi), Towson University 2022 – Weston L. Dangler Scholarship”

You can view the recording by clicking here.

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