Ferris Chapter helps raise funds for Charity
March 7, 2014
WPI – Delta Sigma Phi -Has Fraternal Spirit
November 4, 2014

Hello everyone at National! My name is Steve Sipaque, philanthropy chair for this semester at TCNJ’s Phi Gamma Chi chapter of AXP. Our philanthropy week begins today, and we’ve pretty much got everything into place already. Just as a little reminder, our week will begin today with a speaker from Habitat Trenton. Tomorrow we will be hosting our Jenga gameshow, and then our usual 3 day campout begins Wednesday the 24th. Our new goal to reach is $2500 since we are sponsoring a critical home repair for a woman named Jacqueline and her family in Hamilton. Her porch is severely damaged and is a danger to anyone entering/exiting the home in Winter. Once we raise these funds, we would be trained by Habitat and complete the repairs ourselves onsite sometime before November ends. I’m sending you some information on our week so you may spread awareness and forward this to people, alumni, and organizations you think may help us and donate towards our cause. Also please forward this info to other chapters so they may support us and advertise our efforts.

Here is the Facebook link to our event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1547374325479137/

I’ve also been in contact with AXPEF regarding the education speaker grant. I will be forwarding information relevant to that later this week so we may proceed from there.

Thank you!
Steve Sipaque


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