Chapter Liability Insurance

Chapter Liability Insurance

Alpha Chi Rho offers two options for payment of your Chapter’s risk management invoice.


Option 1) Premium Discount– Alpha Chi Rho is offering a discount for premiums paid in full by the premium renewal date. You may subtract $250.00 off the total premium if you pay the premium in full by the premium renewal date of September 24, 2022.


Option 2) Financing Option– Chapters with a premium of $2,000 or more can finance 50% of their premium until February 14, 2022 with our third-party finance company. Omni Insurance must receive a minimum 50% of the premium before September 24, 2022 with your request to finance the balance. Once your down payment is received, a finance agreement will be forwarded to your attention. For the finance agreement to be executed, you must return the signed agreement to our office via e-mail to Billpay @ The terms for financing will range between 9% and 19% APR based upon the dollar amount to be financed.

Payment must be received in our office on or before September 24, 2022 to avoid any interruption in insurance coverage. Omni Insurance is unable to accept credit card payments. However, you will be able to pay your premium online through your invoice with a bank transfer.

If you prefer to mail a check or money order, it must be made payable to Omni Insurance Services LLC. Our remittance address is below:

Omni Insurance Services LLC

PO Box 305

Albany, New York 12201-0305

If you have any questions, please contact Annie Greco at 1-518-714-2694 or by e-mail at agreco @