The Garnet Knight Challenge was developed for Brothers of Alpha Chi Rho to stay physically active and virtually connected while supporting communities in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Through the fundraising efforts of members of Alpha Chi Rho on the way to achieving personal athletic goals, the Educational Foundation is mobilizing its members in a healthy and positive way to support communities and families in need.



Incorporated in 1950, the Alpha Chi Rho Educational Foundation provides the Fraternity of Alpha Chi Rho, its members, Chapters, and other students with the financial and organizational support necessary to attain their educational goals.  As part of that commitment, the Foundation encourages the men of Alpha Chi Rho to challenge and inspire each other, through Character, Honor, and Integrity, to improve themselves, their Fraternity, and society. These attributes are deeply enhanced by the leadership opportunities, resources, and experiences that the Foundation provides.  The Garnet Knight Challenge is intended to inspire our men to set high yet reasonable goals and use their social and philanthropic learned behaviors to positively impact themselves and the greater good.



All members of Alpha Chi Rho (resident and graduate Brothers, Postulants and Colony members) that are in good standing are eligible to become a Garnet Knight.  Candidates must register to participate and agree to the terms of the challenge. Registration opens July 1st each year and continues until the end of June the following year. Brothers can sign up online anytime and begin tracking their progress.  The requirements are as follows:

  1. Each candidate must identify an athletic endeavor of his choice (any type of physical activity or fitness goal) and achieve it, and
  2. Each candidate must commit to raise at least $1,000 through his personalized donation page through the AXPEF website to benefit our 2020-2021 charity partners, Habitat for Humanity and Feeding America, and the Foundation.

While there is no deadline for the fundraising or athletic endeavor, Brothers will be “knighted” every summer following the academic year. 





The challenge may be a specific goal or metric, activity or event that incorporates athletics or endurance in some way. Each athlete must be able to provide proof of achieving it (photo finish, official timing result, letter of certification, etc.).  Be creative, have fun, and select something physical that you will enjoy completing. Examples include:

  • Endurance Events (Tough Mudder, Spartan races, obstacle courses)
  • Running Events & Relays or personal bests (time, pace, distance)
  • Triathlons, Cycling Events, Swimming Events
  • Distance Walks, Walking/Hiking Tours
  • Golf, Kayaking (distance), Weightlifting (maximum), Gymnastics, etc.



Each Brother must raise $1,000 to benefit Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America, and Foundation-sponsored leadership programs for our Brothers. Once registered, each Brother will be sent his own fundraising link and page to personalize as well as templates for ongoing communication with donors. This secure link can be shared publicly to promote donations from family, friends, and coworkers in support of the Brother.



50% of funds raised by each Garnet Knight candidate will support leadership education and career development programs through the Alpha Chi Rho Educational Foundation. While the Fraternity’s approved charity partnerships are the local affiliates of Habitat for Humanity, Brothers in the inaugural year of the challenge (2020-2021) will have the option to choose Feeding America for the remaining 50% due to the food shortage caused by the pandemic.



Feeding America is a nationwide network of 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs whose mission is to feed America’s hungry and engage our country in the fight to end hunger.  According to a July 2020 Wall Street Journal article, the organization estimates the pandemic could push an additional 17 million people into what it calls food insecurity this year. More than 82% of U.S. food banks are serving more people than they were last year, with an average increase of 50%, according to a June 2020 survey by the group.  Funds raised for Feeding America will help replenish food banks around the United States during the pandemic.



At Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity’s 105th National Convention, the delegates approved a concentrated partnership with the local affiliates of Habitat for Humanity.Now more than ever, Habitat for Humanity’s work is critical. For many families, those who were already struggling with a need for decent and affordable housing, their daily lives have only become more challenging. For others, those who find themselves affected by the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the future is newly uncertain.  See how Habitat for Humanity is addressing the current needs of our country. Funds raised for Habitat for Humanity will help families affected by natural disaster to build (and rebuild) their homes.



Once a Brother surpasses the $1,000 fundraising minimum and provides proof that the fitness goal was accomplished, he becomes a GARNET KNIGHT. There are tangible and intangible benefits to becoming a GARNET KNIGHT:

  • A GARNET KNIGHT technical shirt and medal of honor for the athletic endeavor ($1,000 raised); a half-zip athletic pullover jacket ($2,500 raised); and a full-zip fleece jacket ($5,000 raised).
  • A GARNET KNIGHT “shield number”
  • Spotlight on all Alpha Chi Rho Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.
  • Listing in the Garnet & White Magazine, Foundation Focus newsletter, Foundation web site, and Foundation Annual Report.
  • Custom press release sent to each athlete’s hometown and/or college or university newspaper.
  • Personal satisfaction for contributing to fighting hunger and providing homes to families in need as well as investing in Brotherhood development.
  • A healthier body, athletic achievement, and status as a “knighted” Brother
  • Top Individual & Chapter fundraising totals as well as Chapters with the most Garnet Knights ranked on