Alpha Chi Rhoad Show: Episode 1 – A Bird’s Eye View of the Health Pandemic and How It Will Change Us

R.B. Stewart Day 2020
April 10, 2020
Alpha Chi Rhoad Show: Episode 2 – Cheers! No Beer? The Impact of COVID-19 on a $110B Industry
May 15, 2020

Episode 1: A Bird’s Eye View of the Health Pandemic and How It Will Change Us

Fred Sanfilippo, MD, PhD, (Phi Phi) Penn 1970

Director of the Emory-Georgia Tech Healthcare Innovation Program

Recorded Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Description: “Using first-hand sources of information and activities regarding COVID, Dr. Sanfilippo will update participants with current information, dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19.  He will put the COVID pandemic in context of other pandemics and major health crises, provide suggestions on how to best deal with the current situation and how it will likely resolve.  Dr. Sanfilippo will also discuss the future impact on healthcare delivery considering patient, provider, and public health perspectives.”

You can view the recording by clicking here.

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