Alpha Chi Rho partners with Ambition In Motion to create the Alpha Chi Rho Mentor Program

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January 31, 2020
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February 7, 2020

We are creating a mentor program to connect students with alumni for professional guidance and mentorship.


Participating in this mentor program can work with your schedule and help you form mentor relationships that last a lifetime and open doors for you.

Why participate?

  1. Your mentor can help you achieve your professional goals. Your mentor can help you learn the skills to help you get closer to landing internship and job offers.
  2. Your mentor gives you the benefit of distance and proximity. Your mentor is also from Alpha Chi Rho so they care about your success, but they are also distant enough from you that they don’t know your past and don’t have any preconceived notions. This creates an opportunity for you to share information that you may not feel comfortable sharing with your closest friends while gaining wisdom from a career mentor that wants to see you succeed.
  3. Begin building aboard of advisors for your career. Businesses have a board of advisors, why not you? This mentor can help you build a core of people that want to see you succeed.


Participating in this mentor program can help you pay it forward to the next wave of graduates from Alpha Chi Rho while working around your schedule.

Why participate?

  1. Impact – the average mentee told 13 people about their experience getting a mentor. This is a great opportunity to pay it forward to a Alpha Chi Rho student in a way that is meaningful to them.
  2. Stay involved – being a mentor allows you to stay connected to Alpha Chi Rho even if you have moved away because you are getting to know a student on a deeper level.
  3. Learn – We know that mentorship provides value to both mentees and mentors. Just as you are imparting wisdom on your mentee, we know that the information and problems they are facing provide information back to you. Whether this helps you in your position as a people manager, mentoring somebody outside of work, or just practicing your ability to listen, empathize, and try to help, participating in this program can help you learn new skills.

About our program partner, Ambition In Motion:

Ambition In Motion’s background is in establishing both Collegiate Mentor Programs as well as Business Mentor Programs to help increase the engagement of members, grow the culture of an organization, and help people pursue fulfilling careers. They create mentor matches using their Work Orientation research because they have identified that aligning Work Orientation is a key factor for successful mentorship. They also provide structure to the mentor meetings to help ensure that the mentor relationships facilitated are successful.

Click here to apply to participate in the Alpha Chi Rho Mentor Program.

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